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Santa & Sons Christmas Trees


Mark Rohlfs
Mailing Address: 24469 Hwy 20,
                   Philomath, OR 97370

Phone: (818) 501-8637
FAX: (541) 929-3572
E-mail: info@oregonchristmastree.com
Web Site: Tree Farm: http://www.oregonchristmastree.com
Trees Located: near Eugene, Oregon

Web Site – Los Angeles Wholesale yard: http://www.santasons.com
Yard Located: 12901 Burbank Blvd,Sherman Oaks, CA  Los Angeles County
Oregon farm: http://www.oregonchristmastree.com




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Wholesale truckload shipments only

We are certified members of the Coalition of Environmentally Conscious Growers. Our farm is located near Eugene, Oregon, just 200 miles from the California border.


ABC Tree Farms

Holly Prinz
Mailing Address: 2464 El Camino Real #934
Santa Clara, CA  95051

Phone:  (408)393-6303
FAX:  (707)773-5520
E-mail:  abctreefarms@gmail.com
Web Site:  www.abctreefarms.com

Tree Varieties:  Noble, Nordmann, and Grand Fir
Tree Height:  2' to 12'

22" Wreaths, Cedar Garland

Trees are located in multiple locations